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Happy Holidays from Your DreamTime Team!
Posted By:  Charmine Bunker
Saturday, December 22, 2018

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Thank you for 25 years of business!


cranberry wrapAmy, Nancy and Michael want to wish you a very happy holiday and thank you for your business this year and for the past 25 years since we were founded.

Since 1993, DreamTime has designed products that remind and encourage us to relax, nurture and take care of ourselves. Through the daily chaos of our busy lives, many of us have forgotten how essential personal relaxation time is to clear and quiet the conscious mind, to allow our bodies to find relief and balance, and be true to ourselves.

DreamTime products assist in helping the body and mind rejuvenate; encouraging both physical and emotional well-being. Our products are known for their ability to help alleviate symptoms of stress and promote health. As you enjoy the benefits this holiday season of offering our line for gifting, remember health and relaxation is a gift enjoyed all year round!

Please continue to stay stocked so your customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of our products throughout the year whether for themselves or for those they love. We hope you’ve had a very successful and prosperous 2018.

We wish you and your loved ones health, happiness and comfort.


To place a DreamTime or Spa Comforts order please call Amy Hoppin with Custom Solutions Inc. at: 831-345-6248 or E-mail

You may also contact Merchandise Inc. customer service: 800-819-8615 or email: Mary .

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